In reading this information you will find helpful hints on Gorean Etiquette. It is for all, not just the Free or just slaves. Below this are the links to the rules for the Free and slaves. I advise however, for the Free to read the slave's rules and for slaves to read the rules of the Free to promote better understanding.


Tal is a common Gorean greeting. It is often accompanied with the right hand raised to shoulder level, palm inward, facing the body. This signifies that the person being greeted is not considered an enemy. The gesture shows that the hand is devoid of any weapon. Slaves however are not permitted weapons so this salute would be ludicrous. As slaves must also respect all free persons, they cannot consider any to be their enemy so this salute might even be considered an insult to a Free person. Slaves may use the word "Tal" as a greeting but they would not accompany it with the hand gesture.


This greeting is reserved for experts and champions in something. An expert swordsman or kaissa player would be greeted in this manner. Also, a Ubar qualifies for this type of greeting whereas a slave would never be greeted in this manner. Slaves may also use this term when referring to a qualified Free person.

I Wish You Well:

This is the common Gorean phrase of farewell. It may be used by Free persons or slaves. Many use "Be well" in place of "I wish you well." This is acceptable among Free, however, slaves may not use "Be well" as it constitutes a command rather than a "wish."

I Beg Your Favor:

This is the common Gorean phrase for "please." Free and slaves can both use this phrase.

Thank You:

There is no special Gorean term or phrase to thank another person. Some Free will thank a slave upon the completion of a serve and some not, it is the choice of the Free only.

Slaves Addressing Free People:

All slaves must address free persons as Master or Mistress. They will only address their own Master or Mistress as "my" Master or "my" Mistress. Slaves are not permitted to address any Free person by their name. The privilege of using a Master's name is reserved for the Free Woman, in particular the Free Companion. It is said that a slave girl grows bold if her lips are allowed to touch the name of her Master, but some Masters enjoy hearing their name said by a slave. This is commonly permitted only in private, out of the presence of Free women. A slave may tell others the name of her master for explanation purposes only, such as to identify her owner.

Ubar (YOObar):

Ubar is an official title. In reality, nobody will have this title except in a time of declared hostilities against another city. Slaves addressing a Ubar should refer to him as "Ubar" or "Master" but should not combine the two. "Master Ubar" is not a valid address. A Free person's title is always considered respectful for a slave. Only those in the position of command over armies and forces would really be called Ubar. The Ubar commands armies and fighting forces on Gor. Most Free persons should also address an Ubar by his title, unless you have been given specific permission to call him by His name.

Ubara (yooBARuh):

Ubara is an official title but only applies when a Free Woman is a Free Companion to a Ubar. Slaves addressing the Ubara should refer to her as "Ubara" or "Mistress" but they should not combine the two. "Mistress Ubara" is not a valid address. Most Free persons should also address a Ubara by her title, and not by her name. If you have been given specific permission from the Ubara, you may then call her by her name.

Paga Tavern:

While there are no true paga taverns on earth, some Goreans who own homes expect slaves serving them to serve as if in a paga tavern. When a slave enters a paga tavern (or Gorean home), she does not have to ask permission or perform any form of obeisance at the door. A slave should enter quietly and go to kneel in the serving area if there are no other duties to attend to. A slave should greet the free when she enters. A slave does need permission to leave the tavern. They should first ask their owner. If the owner is not present, any free person may be asked.

Slaves should wait in the serving area only if there are no other duties to attend to and should pay attention to see if any free person needs service. If a free person requests a server, they should not have to wait for a slave. Free women will not serve in a paga tavern.

Order of Precedence:

Certain free persons should always be given precedence by slaves, especially when serving. A Ubar, Administrator or Owner of a home should be given priority in all matters, they are the highest ranking Free person in the home. After the Free Companion of the Administrator or Free Companion of the Owner. After that, would be any other high ranking persons present. Then, your owner should be given precedence. Finally, all other Free persons would then have equal precedence.


The rule in the marketplace and in stores is that there are no fixed prices. Haggling is the order of business. If you wish to purchase an item from someone, haggle over the price. In haggling, you start your offer low and the seller starts his price high. You try to come to a reasonable price, that makes both parties pleased. Many merchants enjoy haggling as much as getting their money.


Goreans do not favor begging and some even view it as an insult. If charity is necessary, it is usually arranged by the caste or clan.

Free Women:

Free Women should be treated with respect and honor. Considerable deference is due to a Free Woman. Free Women may speak freely and without permission. They may be bold and do much of what they wish. Free Women must also beware that they possess their freedom only by the will of Free Men. A Ubara should be treated with the utmost of respect as she does wield great power in the city.


This is a term of respect used for Free Women, especially those of high station or Caste. It is to be used only by Free Persons though. A slave would not use this term.


Gorean compliments are generally meaningful for they are given only when deserved.


Goreans are generally fond of children and do not inflict suffering or abuse on them. Even slave children are seldom abused and are given much freedom at least until they reach adulthood.


Free men sit cross-legged. They rarely use chairs as chairs are usually reserved for special people like Administrators, Ubars and judges. Most Goreans find chairs to be uncomfortable. Free women kneel. Their knees are kept close together and their hands lie on their thighs, palms face down. All slaves kneel, and the position of their hands and knees depend on the type of slave they are. Slaves never sit in chairs and might be whipped or even slain for sitting in them.


When walking or riding down a street or road, Goreans commonly stay to the left of the road when passing others. This is done so that your sword arm, commonly the right arm, faces the person you are passing.

Free Etiquette

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