Offline Slave Etiquette

Slaves are for the pleasure of the Free. They have no other use or value. If a slave is displeasing, whatever treatment the free which has her charge chooses is acceptable.

A slave serves each free as if they are serving their owner. If a Free person requests something of a slave that the owner has disallowed, the slave should not refuse, as the slave does not have that right. The slave simply states that their Owner does not permit such and if this is a problem, the slave should ask to be excused to return to the Owner.


Slaves greet, address and converse with the free with exaggerated courtesy. While all are not Gorean, the actions of the free are not what a slave is judged by, but the actions of the slave in response to the actions of those around. A slave does not display anger, frustration or malice except in private and to their owner. Public outbursts are intolerable.



Online Slave Etiquette

A slave must greet the Free concisely either in one line or individually. Take the time to notice if there is more than one Master in the room, and also if there are any Mistresses and how many. Please greet singularly (Master - Mistress) or plural (Masters - Mistresses) as is appropriate!

"Greetings, Master(s). Greetings, Mistress (or) Mistresses." would be the appropriate greetings.

Order of greeting individually is

  • Ubar, Owner or Administrator
  • Ubara or Administrator's FC
  • Master
  • Mistress
  • First Boy
  • First Girl
  • Second Boy
  • Second Girl
  • Other Slaves


By entering any Gorean channel with a lowercase name, you are declaring yourself to be a slave.

Slaves are not required to speak in third person in some channels, however slaves are required in some rooms which means the following words are not permitted to use. “I”, “me” and “my” from a slave’s speech. A slave should refer to herself by her own name or such terms as “this girl” or “this slave.”


Slaves usually may not be in more than one channel at a time without specific permission from a Free Op. If you enter a channel, please be sure to leave any other chat channels that you may be in.

Slaves need not karta but simply beg to enter some channels, others, however, do require such obeisance. An example of the type of begging that is appropriate would be: "slave begs permission to enter, please."


All slaves beg permission to go afk or exit, slaves who must be afk will obtain permission and mark themselves as such or with the reason for the departure.

A slave is to make sure their nick is correct before entering a channel.

Patience will be practiced at all times by slaves in the Keep.

Permission must be sought to message or ping a Free Person.

Slaves must serve every Free person as if it is your very life depended on being pleasing.... most times it is.

When a slave is not at the feet of a Master or a Free Woman she or he will kneel in the slave furs, ready for use or serve. Do not yell offering of service from the furs, but kneel in front of each single Free person and offer service. Even the kneeling and offering is a way to show submission and a gift for the Free.

Slaves are required to focus their total attention on the One that they serve, kneel in front of or lap. Greeting or talking is not allowed without permission from the Free.

Visiting slaves, collared or uncollared, are under the protection of the channel and the Residents.

Under normal conditions a Free must not occupy more than one slave for use, if the slaves are needed for service to other Free. Also slave hunting and collaring is often not allowed and may be followed by banning and kicking.

While the Free Persons may not always be right, they are, by definition, never wrong. slaves always have the last word in any disagreement... the words "yes, Master."

Any attitude from a slave other than one desirous and pleasing will not be tolerated.

The merest whim of a Master is your highest law and lawbreakers are punished.

Within Gorean philosophy the slave girl has a particular purpose, a particular responsibility and a particular goal.

  • The specific purpose of a slave is to serve the free.
  • The specific responsibility of a slave is to be pleasing.
  • The goal and/or duty of a slave is exquisite beauty and absolute obedience at all times.

These things are particularly important for a slave to remember. Even a girl very new to “Gor” ought to attempt to serve. There are many slaves who will be glad to help her with her serving. This site provide a great deal of helpful information. Also, should a slave be uncertain of what a Free person is demanding of her, the best thing she can do is to ask further information. Always show respect towards the Free person.

Drinks and foods are covered on other pages on this website. Please make use of them. Feel free to ask questions.

~~The best way to learn is by doing!~~

There are some words that may be unfamiliar to you. The following is a brief guide to help you. Please, if there are other terms that you come across that may be helpful feel free to make the suggestion!

“Har-ta!” or “Harta!” means “Hurry!!”

If commanded to serve someone or approach someone “Har-ta!” do so quickly. Free persons should not be made to wait.

Black wine may be served in many ways. Two common phrases that you will hear, particularly in regards to black wine are : “First slave” and “Second slave”.

First slave - With sugar and cream.

Second slave - black wine is served as is. Black. No additives.

“se” is a Gorean term sometimes used for “second”.

Always remember that as a slave it is NOT your place to correct or question a free person. Ask for permission to ask a question if you have one.

Always phrase your speech in anything but an imperative mode towards the free. (e.g. “this girl wishes you well, Masters.” sounds much more pleasing than “Be well, Masters.”)


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