Offline Etiquette

  • Goreans are a better breed of people than others. Courtesy is the norm. In the novels, Goreans were commonly courteous, even to those they planned to kill.

  • There are a number of ways to be Gorean. Gor encompasses many kinds of people. The novels dictate types of people that are not Gorean. All others could be so long as they do not do things contradictory to Gorean philosophy.

  • A man's property is for his use and control. Respect a man's rules for his property.

  • Slaves are to be kept in their place. If you have an issue with a man's slave, contact the owner. If the slave is unowned, deal with her properly.

  • Free Men are the Keepers of Gor. Be both an example and an encouragement to those you deal with.

  • Free Women are the decoration of Gor. They provide both beauty and decorum. Free Women are so at the consent of the Free Men. Ladies, keep your place.

Online Etiquette

  • You are considered a guest in most channels and must follow the rules of the channel. Find out what they are and abide by them.
  • In the books of Gor there are different areas throughout. It is the same on IRC Gor where each channel is different from the next and often created with a certain area or interpretation of the books. Any visitor to a channel has to abide by the rules set down by the Owner and His Residents.
  • Any Free Person present may grant a slave entrance within the rules.
  • White silk slaves are - according to IRC Gor - protected and restricted. They may not lap or be used by other than their Owners.
  • Visiting slaves, collared or uncollared, are under the jurisdiction of the channel. Local rules apply.
  • The yellow silk and red silk slaves collared to channels, Owners or uncollared are for use as other slaves - but only if their "whois" says "unrestricted". If restricted can not be used by Anyone other than who their Owner or Who the Residents of the channel allows.
  • Please do not use more than one slave for a serve as the slaves need to be free to serve Others entering the home at all times.
  • Slave hunting and collaring is not allowed inside many channels.
  • Slaves may be used in the gardens or the lofts of many channels, but not removed for use. You can get information about the gardens or lofts from the Oped Free.
  • Some visitors do not like that slaves are Oped in the IRC channel. A slave Op does not mean the slave rules over the Free. It is the same situation where slaves are allowed to use knives. This it is not normal practice for slaves on Gor but permission can be given by a Free Person. This is the same with Op status on IRC. The slave does not use the Op without the Owner's command or permission. The slave is only a tool in the Owner's hand, and so is the slave's use of Op. As a matter of fact there is nothing odd or un-Gorean in it at all, it is just like when slaves use axes for cutting logs for the hearth - always with permission and under control.


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