In the dark of the heated night
Shines a solitary light
In the heart it beats
Stronger and faster
It's the light she shows
When she feels her Master

Her blood runs hotter
In the depth of that night
Simply to leave his side
Is a painful fight

She obeys his whim
Not out of fear
But simply for the approval
She may or may not hear

Her service is not
To his power or brawn
But his strength of will
Makes her heart his pawn

His mind reals
When he feels her close
Not out of weakness
But because he owns

No man can fully love
That he does not fully possess
She who is owned
Feels it no less

A bully will never
Know full surrender
Because his brawn
Will not his a heart render

The Master, it is said
Controls more with his eyes
Than the strongest man
Could manage otherwise

Just as a slave cannot win
A Master through deceit
A heart is not claimed
Through the soul's defeat

He builds her up
He wants not a weakling
She drinks of his strength
Their passions mingling

It's not about sex
Any can meld flesh
There is so much more
When essences mesh

It happens more than once
Nobody has sole claim
If you learn of yourself
It may call your name

It isn't a playground
This is not a game
It comes to those unknown
And even those of fame

It has a moniker
It could be a title
It has a power
No one concept can bridle

Domination... Submission
They are so inadequate to describe
What occurs when people
Choose to share their lives

Surrender to who you are
That's the only way to find it
For being who you think you should be
Will only serve to hide it

(c) 2003 TexBlueEyes/Hayal`Seyyal

This poem seems unfinished, because this is the point where the journey begins.