The Gorean serve is one of the first things that attracts people to Gor. The Gorean kajira is graceful and beautiful in her every move. Every move also has purpose.
  1. Approach: first step in serving the approach, be creative, and entice he Master/Mistress to allow you to serve them in some way
  2. Fetching the drink or food: this is your opportunity to describe yourself, to paint a mental photograph for all watching so be descriptive
  3. Selecting the vessel: again an opportunity to show the care you take when serving and the joy with which you serve.
  4. Delivering the food/drink: more descriptions of yourself and your beauty and joyfulness in serving
  5. The nadu position: describe how gracefully you move to this position and the beauty of your body as you display it for the Master/Mistress
  6. Touching the slave heat: for white silks this is only done to your Owner or Protector, no one else. For other silks the choice is yours or that of your Master/Mistress
  7. Touching the slave belly: shows the desire and burn to serve
  8. Touching the slave heart: shows devotion and submission to the serve
  9. Kissing the rim of the vessel: display of love and affection and also proof that this food or drink is safe to be consumed by the Master/Mistress being served.
  10. Head erect but eyes lowered: shows a pride in what you are but also your submission
  11. Offer of drink/food: with upraised arms, over the head to show complete submission to the Master/Mistress being served
  12. Return to nadu position: once the vessel is removed from your hands lower them immediately upon the thighs


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