The Gorean Concept of Beauty

"What a subtle thing is a woman's beauty. How little it has to do, actually, generally, with such matters as symmetry of form and regularity of features. It eludes scales and tapes; mathematics cannot, I think, penetrate its mysterious equations. I have never understood beauty; but I am grateful that it exists." Explorers of Gor, Pg. 111

Goreans place great respect and worth on beauty, but they do not see it and are not taught to see it, in quite the same way as those of Earth. They are not lost to the simplicities of life, with the world around them passing by in an unnoticed blur of daily routine. They are also not conditioned to perceive certain repetitive examples and types as beautiful as a matter of predetermined and accepted fact, with opinions not fitting the "norm" being looked at as strange. Beauty to the Gorean is a matter of personal enjoyment and a measure of what a man feels when exposed to it. Yes, beauty encompasses physical characteristics, but to a Gorean it goes beyond simple "looks" to take into consideration the whole of the subject down to even subtle details. True beauty is not just what an object appears to be visually, or what one is told is beautiful, but is the sum of the entire subject as perceived and appreciated on many levels, and it is measured differently by each individual through the reaction they have to it and the impression it makes on them. In this way, its appreciation is much more personal and the evoked response much more lasting and readily praised, for it has effected the senses and tastes of that individual in a way which is particular to him. Also, the general lack of a conformist view on beauty leaves Goreans free to explore and express their own tastes, without feeling awkward before any standardized and widely publicized opinion on the subject. 

"I supposed the requirements of the slaves were high. Each of the girls, I suspected, would be vital and much alive. Each of them I knew was beautiful. Each of them I suspected would be intelligent, for Goreans, as the men of Earth commonly do not, celebrate quickness of mind and alertness in a girl." Assassin of Gor, Pg. 125

Regarding kajirae, true beauty is a blending of the physical, with the emotional, mental, and sexual, rounded in a girl's overall grace and vitality. A slave whose physical beauty far surpasses those of others, may not always be seen as being as beautiful as her peers, due to some other quality having been found lacking or unfulfilled. Conversely, a girl who might be considered an average beauty by the Earth standards of appearance, could well be stunning to a Gorean, for they take measure of the whole girl, and each judges this by his own opinion and impression. To a Gorean, it is not enough for a girl to "look" beautiful, she must "be" beautiful, as in not only form, but manner and expression, a wholeness of being, and they do not settle for being told what beautiful is, they decide this for themselves.

Slaves are expected to have a depth of emotion that is fully expressed and shared as is fitting each individual, and their sexuality not something engaged in, but something they simply are. Slaves do not have sex, they are sex as manifested in physical form, and this reality is expected to be displayed through their every movement. Intelligence also plays a great factor in a slave's beauty, for Goreans prize slaves with a quick and imaginative mind. Such are not only more capable in regard to the completion of tasks they are given, but are more interesting to the Master/Mistress, being something He/She will more fully enjoy spending their time with, in conversation and the sharing of thoughts. 

Sexually, the intelligent slave is also far more creative and responsive, with a sharp mind in itself being far more attractive to a Master/Mistress than a dull one. "Physical beauty" in this way, is not even considered to mean the same thing to a Gorean as it often does one of Earth, for it encompasses far more than just physical traits, and can be taken to mean a truer beauty. 

"Slavery itself," I said, "often makes a woman more beautiful and desirable. It removes tensions. It removes inhibitions. It makes women happy. It is hard, I think, sometimes, for a woman who is happy not to be beautiful. Sometimes Goreans ask, 'is she a slave because she is beautiful, or beautiful because she is a slave?' " BEASTS OF GOR, Pg. 247 

As a slave "grows" in the collar, they simply become more beautiful. Slavery removes any inhibitions a slave may have, be they placed upon one by oneself, or by the cultural structures of his/her society. Grace and vitality are not repressed by fears or that of a culture trying to redefine and alter what is natural. A slave is not shamed and guilted into denying their sex, but glorifies it through every action. A slave is under the will and discipline of another who will accept no less than all that is inside, and has no choice but to openly display the full enslaved form, in a manner found pleasing to Master/Mistress, and as a result, pleasing to the slave.

As a slave grows more accustomed to their slavery, their features and manners become more refined but yet soft, more structured and sculptured, more sexual, gentler, and more beautiful. A slave's sense heightened, as the mind and body become more aware and liberated. the slave is vulnerable, which is further shown through the expression of emotion that is natural to the slave, but this vulnerability creates an even stronger attraction in Masters and Mistresses. As a slave she becomes the epitome of feminine grace and sensitivity, becomes accustomed and attuned to her/his emotions and sexuality, reaches the heights of her/his vitality and simply becomes truly beautiful. Gorean Masters and Mistresses take great pleasure just in watching their property go about even the simplest of duties. They enjoy looking upon their property, for to the Gorean Master/Mistress, the slave is truly His/Hers. 

They will know every bit of their slave, from the smallest feature of his/her body to the slightest of the slave's mannerisms. They want to know her thoughts, her dreams, her desires and how she feels. She is not simply something that they find pleasure in, the slave is His or Hers.

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