She crawled out of bed slowly, taking a few moments to stretch and wiggle her toes under the thick warm quilts. A smile spread across her face as her body came alive and the familiar need spread across her belly. Moving quickly she jumped into the shower and dressed after doing her hair the way they liked it, brushing it smooth so it hung down to the small of her back in silky waves.

            Moving about her morning tasks she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror……she beamed, her face was aglow as it never has been before, her eyes shown with a fire and sparkle that she never knew existed before, her body moved like a cat, taking her breath away as she caught her shadow from time to time and finally knew she was beautiful. She never thought it would be like this, everyone of her wildest dreams come true…. Without a doubt she was a kajira….. She felt it in the fiery need flowing in her veins.

            She got the kids off to school…. It was so wonderful to see them smiling and so happy now. They had both bloomed since their arrival here… the love that flowed around all of them was magical for the children. He had grown into a fine young man…. Thoughtful, respectful, kind and loving…she was growing into a secure loved little angel whom everyone adored. Her heart soared as she watched them walk down the block to school and blow her kisses.

She had known it would be hard at first…. It was a huge change for all of them, leaving friends and family behind to start a new life. She had held them as they said goodbye to everyone and cried. Trying her best to reassure them, telling them over and over it would be better now…. To just trust her… making the choice to follow her heart had been a hard one… knowing that she would be giving up their security and their life as they had known it was something she had thought about for a long time, but she knew she had no choice… it was where she belonged.

Smiling softly to herself she gathered her things and dashed out the door, Eager to be with them. She slipped into the front door quietly, stopping in the hallway to remove her shoes and set her stuff down so she wouldn’t wake anyone just yet. Padding across the quiet house to her room she peeked in on them as they slept… the soft snoring making her smile as she saw them cuddled close to each other in slumber.

She stood next to her bed… striping the clothes from her body quickly… wrapping the soft silk dressing gown They wished her to wear about her curves, the feel of it making her shiver as it had the first time He slipped it onto her body at His feet. Smoothing the fabric down over her softness she checked herself in the mirror quickly… making sure she was perfect for them before she set about the day.

            She tiptoed to the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the cool tub as she adjusted the water temperature with her fingertips… running the bath for her Mistress as her mind wandered to the first time she was allowed to do this task. She had blushed to her toes when Master had given her His instructions… informing her that she would be bathing them as part of her daily routine. She never thought she could do it… the shyness ran deep in her… almost as deep as the desire she felt to please Them… she remembered struggling the first few times. Not knowing how to touch each of them, not sure of her actions … feeling like a child being taught basic tasks again. Thinking of the first time she knelt before her Mistress and striped her incredible body… lovingly moving Her into the bath and washing every inch of Her body… the blush was on her face for days after that…. But the passion had been set ablaze in her belly….. caressing the softness of Her Mistress with warm soapy water she had found her place… washing Her long gorgeous hair with the sweetly scented shampoo sent shivers threw her body… she bite back a moan as she tested the water again… making sure it was perfect and hurrying along in her chores before she fell behind in her daydreams.

            Glancing at the clock she moved a little faster, not wanting to be punished again if she woke them later then they wished. Scurrying around the kitchen she fixed their breakfast. Setting it on the table as she had been instructed…. Picking up things here and there from around the kitchen as she kept one eye on the clock…. Terrified of displeasing Them but still thinking she had a few extra minutes this morning …stepping out the back door she shooed away the pets as she teased there ears with her nails, smiling as they barked happily at her this morning. Kneeling in the soft grass she thought of the sparkle in her Mistress’s eyes as she picked the fresh blooms from the garden she had planted last spring… wanting the table to be pretty for Them …. The garden had bloomed better then she had ever hoped….. It was amazing what love and a tender hand could produce.

A gasp escaped her lips as she caught a glimpse of the shed in the back yard…she couldn’t help but shuddering as she thought of her first visit to it. He had been so angry that day… her mistake was bad…. But the guilt she felt when she couldn’t even look into His eyes was worse… she remembered well the feel of His hand dragging her by the hair behind Him to the shed…. The fear she felt when He told her to strip and kneel before him….the feel of the belt as He lashed her hard for her mistakes…He wouldn’t restrain her that time or any other, demanding that she kneel as He had taught her and expose her back to His whip without flinching. Her guilt at failing Him made it easy to obey Him, not that she would ever question Him otherwise; it just reaffirmed it in her soul. He was her Master… without question and she had failed Him. She wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand remembering His tenderness as He had held her afterwards and soothed her until the tears had stopped, listening to her apologies and just holding her firmly as she thanked Him over and over for allowing her in His arms and Home and His steel.

Her cry scared the dogs, sending them into a barking fit as she flew from her knees and dashed into the house trying to not slam the door behind her. The clock said she was five minutes late.  Arranging the flowers in the vase she moved quickly. The sound of the silk sliding back and forth over her bare hips was the only sound to be heard in the room as she hustled. Peeking into Their room she smiled as her mind ran over the list of things do to today… hoping the bath water wasn’t growing too cool… slipping to the side of Their bed she leaned forward and tenderly kissed His cheek first… inhaling His rich scent as her lips brushed His beard softly nudging Him awake.

Her Mistress stirred slowly… she caught a glimpse of her sexy body as She stretched in the bed next to Him…she dared a peek as her belly quivered with desire… having learned many lessons on pleasing her Mistress since she moved to Them.

She moved quietly to her knees at the foot of their bed. Lowering her chin, she wished them good morning and smiled from ear to ear. She felt His gaze as His hand tangled into her hair, lifting her face to His as the morning fogginess left Him… His voice was loving but very firm. Her heart almost skipped a beat as He looked into her face and spoke, “Good morning my pet…you’re late…. And there are grass stains on your knees and my floor” she trembled in His hand…. Lifting her eyes to His face … struggling to speak as she was overwhelmed with happiness at finally being able to be at His feet this morning….whispering “yes, Master” as she counted her blessings and awaited her punishment knowing she was the most lucky kajira alive.

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