A Dance of Need

Long brown tresses caress her neck
Slowly pooling about her face as she
Lay upon the black love furs of her Master.
Dark eyes gazing out the window
As the rain slowly drizzles
A soft ‘tap ‘tap can be heard.
Listening she closes her eyes,

A bit of blue silverfish dancing silk
Lay about her hips, she rolls to her right side,
Trying to sleep, tossing about slowly
Lost in the peacefulness at the day’s end.
A forbidden dream enters the darkest
Recesses of her mind.

A slow sigh is heard as she rolls to her
Belly and pushes up slightly, flowing to all fours,
While facing the window.

She looks longingly towards the warm wetness
Of the inviting waterfall of raindrops.
She searches the dark night for her One.
Leaning forward exposing creamy flanks,
Her hands slowly landing upon the bareness of her ass.

Soft slow caresses, her eyes widen
As the need of a touch is yearned for.
A tongue moistens her ruby lips as she looks about,
Her face frozen in agony, her heart beating wildly
As she realizes her wanton urges.

A loud groan escapes pearled lips
As her mind lands on her heart’s Master…
She calls out softly to His chambers
Barely audible as tears roll from her cheeks to the furs below,
“girl needs You.”

Heart broken that He is not here
To take pleasure from His slave.
Soft hands glide from region to region
As she imagines the simplest of touches.

Soft moans escape from her lips
As her fingers trail from her lips
Dry and parched for her Master’s love,
She slowly runs the tip of her finger over her Kolar
girl lowers her head trying to picture Him.

OOhhh…she moans, feeling His caress.
Her hands slither from her satin neck to the bountiful flesh,
Ivory globes swelling with each breath,
Orbs of darkened sun kissed flesh fall and rise.

She begins to tremble as hands slither further,
Grazing hardening nipples, down to her belly…
Oh so hot….

She groans missing her heart’s Master so much,
Gazing out the window…through misty vails of salty tears,
“Please Master,” she calls out again.
Tortured and heated flesh, ready for His pleasure.

The touch of her hand sliding down further,
Falling to her thigh. Forcing them open, bit by bit.
A delicate flower, opening for the first time…
Timid and shy, but yearning to be opened.

Needy flesh, glistening as firelight dances
Upon the sweet curves of her slave form,
“Please” the girl whimpers,” come home.”
Thighs widely spreading as she twists to her back
Exposing the sensual petals of honey covered flesh.

Extending one leg slowly, before lifting her torso to the sky,
Hands intimately trace burning flesh to the golden flower.
A moan soft and low-muffled by a clash of thunder.
She screams, startled as she rolls to her belly.
The beat of her heart quickening as she rolls
From her belly to her left side. Her movements
A bit frenzied and helpless
As the world crashes down around her.

A brilliant light show, loud thunderous drums,
A trembling hand lands upon the marred flesh of her thigh.
The branded girl tormented by the strong need to be conquered.

A hungry cry escapes the depth of her body…
“Please” rolling again to her back.
Arms rising up body landing behind her.
Knees tucked under her ass, pushing up into a Gorean love bow.

With tears of embarrassment slipping from her brown eyes.
She shakes her head as she realizes He has been watching…
No…He knows…Oh…A smile creeps to His lips.
She pulls a dampened bit of silk against her body,
Curling up trying to hide her body.

Her eyes lift up to His, tears fall as she again
Is made aware of the needs she has for His touch,
She crawls to Him on her belly.

Her body trembling with anticipation.” please,”
Her eyes glazed. Black furs cling to her
As she falls just short of Him.
Agonized she yanks on the chain
Trying to free herself from her captor.

Crying out, frustrated and in need she howls
And the rhythm of the rain pours,
Her eyes of deep brown burn a hunger only He can cure.

Reaching out with her hand, as her body seductively reaches for Him.
She begs for His touch…groaning. she begins to claw at the ground.
Passionately, as her tanned flesh glistens. She moans loudly.

Abandoning all sense of pride and shyness,
she is only a girl withering and yearning for Him.
For His touch. Moving to her back, hungrily lifting
Her hips to Him as they rise and fall.

She calls out to Him, her voice husky and low,
Barely a whisper.” please Master.” Lost in the moment,
Her hands continuing to glide and slither about her
In a fast desperate attempt to be found
Pleasing enough for His touch.

Her bosom heaving as she draws the slightest of breaths in,
Her lips dried, her body glistening in her need
As the firelight washes over her.
In primal lust, she flips on her belly.

Slowly she slithers to Him.Her ankles crossed.
Her arms against her back. The girl naked on the black love furs
Surrendering everything she is to Him.

Her cheek lying against His boot
Dampened brown tresses pooled over her face and neck.
Sticking to her silken heated flesh, the girl whispers out
These words…”Please Master, this one burns for You.
Aches for You, yearns for You, please Master

Your pet begs You to use her.”

Who would not swim in the deep dark sky

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