Nickname and Room Security

Recent attacks on individuals and rooms in chat have brought about the need to discuss security and provide information as to how we can secure names and rooms from attack. The most common suggestions are listed below.

  1. Do not use dictionary words in your password for your nickname or room password.
  2. Do not use the same password for your nickname as for your room password.
  3. Do not share your password with anyone. There is never a good reason for someone else to know your password to your room or to your nickname. You can use chanserv to allow controlled access to your room.
  4. Bots should be set at Host access level, never as an owner. There are too many ways to exploit bots for them to be considered secure.
  5. Use secure access to bot commands by implementing a password to major command scripts.
  6. Use a strong password. You can get one by going to: and using the secure password generator there. A strong password is at least 8 characters, includes UPPER case and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation. An example would be: We$aje-u.
  7. Make sure anyone in the access list of your room or your bot uses a Registered nickname. It is a good idea to use a script that de-ops anyone who becomes a guest.
  8. Do not store passwords in a list that is easily accessible. Keep any list you have out of My Documents, Shared Documents, Public folders or other generally shared folders.
  9. If you have any questions or concerns about compromised room or nickname passwords, immediately come to the room #IRCOps for help.

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